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Liberty 5th - 8th Gifted and Talented

competed in an Academic Meet at Zion.


Those competing were Brooke Fout, Monty Spann, Braxin Goodson, Silas Watkins, Ava Seubold, Sara Mathews, Will Stratmann, Mason Jones, Noah Flores, Zoe McGinthia, Caden Pollard, Hazel Peters, Leah Johnson and Jason Davis.

Braxin Goodson placed 1st in Science, 3rd in Humanities and 6th in Language Arts.

Jason Davis placed 1st in Science and 5th in Social Studies.

Monty Spann placed 2nd in Humaities, 2nd in Math, 3rd in Language Arts and 5th in Social Studies.

Brook Fout placed 3rd in Humanities, 3rd in Social Studies and 4th in Language Arts.

Ava Seubold placed 3rd in Humanities.

Caden Pollard placed 4th in Math.




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