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Jennifer Weege

Jennifer Weege, 43 minutes ago

3rd Grade Field Trip to the King Opera House to watch Frozen Jr. was so much fun!

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Tra Moreland

Tra Moreland, 2 days ago

Parents, tomorrow for the Thanksgiving Dinner, if you have more than one student you are going to eat with, we ask that you eat at the earliest lunchtime of your children. Please send a note with the older child/children telling them what time to go to the cafeteria. This will help to eliminate alot of the confusion..We hope everyone enjoys their day!!

Keith Neighbors

Keith Neighbors, 2 days ago

6th graders enjoying the nice weather while reviewing for their geography test

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Liberty School

Liberty School, 2 days ago

Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Janis in the kitchen, getting ready for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner!

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