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This week in 2nd â€‹grade:

August 20-24, 2018


Exploring Space with an Astronaut

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Genre: Expository Nonfiction

Expository Nonfiction is text that tells facts and teaches about something real.


Comprehension Skill:

Main Idea and Details

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Word Work Skill:

Long Vowels CVCe


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Reader – Exploring Space with an Astronaut


Reader – Exploring Space with an Astronaut


Reader – Exploring Space with an Astronaut


Reader – Exploring Space with an Astronaut


Read a library book or a book from home!  Read something cool and fun! 


**Please study the spelling words and the vocabulary words every night!**


Spelling Pretest will be Thursday.

Reading Comprehension and Reading Vocabulary Test will be Friday. 

Spelling Final will also be Friday for those students who did not make a 100% on Thursday.


Weekly Spelling words:


1. tune                   9. cube

2. page                  10. blaze

3. nose                   11. home

4. space                 12. vote

5. size                   13. erase

6. fine                   14. spice

7. mice                  15. confuse

8. late



Weekly Vocabulary Words:

  1. everywhere- in all places
  2. live- to be alive
  3. machines- a piece of equipment used to do a job
  4. move- to change places or positions
  5. woman- an adult female
  6. work- an effort to get something done
  7. world- the Earth
  8. astronaut- a person who goes into soace
  9. shuttle- a vehicle that carries astronauts into space
  10. gravity- the force that holds objects down on earth
  11. experiement- test to find out something
  12. telescope- an instrument used to make far away objects appear closer 





Understanding Place Value

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Social Studies:

Urban and Rural Communities

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Have a great week with your second graders! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! 

Mrs. Williamson

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