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Daily Assignment Page

1st  hour 8:25-9:25- Bell work until annoucements are complete and then students will either do assignments from another class they need help on or they will log on and do Study Island or IXL. 

2nd hour 9:30-10:20(25)- Spelling work then will get out their classroom folder and do their morning work they did not finish in the classroom. After completing that if time allow they will Read and do AR test. 

3rd hour 10:30-11:30- Student will work on Basic Reading Skills, Reading or AR test, and English skills

4th hour 11:30-12:15 Free hour for teacher. If student’s need to take a test need it read aloud they can come.

5-7th hour is designated for student who need to catch up work, have test read aloud, and RTI.